Beyond the Pillars: An Anthology of Pagan Fantasy


My story A Wind Swept Tree was published in Beyond the Pillars by Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Fantasy literature is a sprawling tapestry of possibility. From cities built in the skies to an entire world locked inside a dusty old wardrobe, the opportunities are as boundless as the imagination. But what of Pagan-themed fantasy? Tamora Pierce, Holly Black, and J.K. Rowling draw inspiration from Pagan myths and monsters when constructing their worlds. Urban fantasy writers often reinvent myths or legends to suit their stories. Still the quest remains for fantasy stories and poems written for and by followers of the Pagan Gods. This anthology is a collection of tales brought together from writers the world over for exactly that purpose. In its pages, you will meet werewolf devotees of the Moon Goddess, intern for Cernunnos, discover how Loki and Sigyn fell in love, decipher the language of the trees, and spend Sir Francis Drake’s final hours in the company of a cunning lwa, among many other adventures. In the true spirit of fantasy, these writers have followed their imaginations and dared to wonder, “What if?” And now, they extend that invitation to you. Will you answer the call and dare to venture beyond the pillars?