My Patreon

Yes, I am on Patreon. Why? I love the current set up we have, in which we can directly improve the lives of our artists, creators, and makers. I’ve been touched at the support I’ve already gained with my story subscription project — a surprise surgery expense that I only had the means to pay because of people supporting my writing. I love that we have the ability to have an immediate and profound impact on the lives of people we want to support. This is a great, exciting time to be a creator.

I want to create more. I want to get more stories out into the world. I want to have time to explore indie publishing. I want to have the time to learn how to make a complete book, from content to formatting to marketing — and, of course, I want those stories to reach people. The biggest hurdle for me right now is time. There are too many stories to write, and there will never be enough time, but maybe, with your support, there could be more time.

Pledge Levels and Rewards

All supporters will also gain access to my new adventure:Kitten, Witchin’. This is going to be an as-sections-are-available story and (bad!) art, as I stretch my drawing muscles and explore a new (to me!) way of telling story.

$1 pledges gains you  access to sneak peeks, some behind the scene access, random thinking and plotting ‘out loud’, and other ‘shop’ related blather, as I feel inspired to share. That’s neat, right?
Pledge $5 a month and receive access to my activity feed, where you can see exclusive snippets of works in progress. So, basically the same reward as the $1, only with a tad more gratitude, because I can’t think of anything else at this point. (Keepin’ it real here.)
The $10 pledge reward grants access to the above, and also to my story subscription. A new installment sent to your inbox each month consisting of 4k words or more (that’s roughly nine pages) of new material. If you’re signing up in the middle of a story, please contact me, and we’ll work something out to get the previous material your way.
A $15 pledge will grant you access to all of the above, as well as to material I’m releasing for my The Poseidon Liturgical Year Project: small ebooks released over the course of the year detailing the holy days I observe for and with Poseidon.
The $25 pledge reward grants you all of the aforementioned rewards, and access to exclusive videos. What are these videos? I don’t know yet! I’m thinking: tours of places that inspire some of the stories I’m writing, virtual book readings, answers to questions people might ask about my work, etc. I’m also planning on trying my hand at audiobook making, of my own books/stories/the subscription, so if that becomes a thing, the $25 pledge will also grant you access to audio versions of the installments as well.
A pledge of $50 gets you all of the above, plus you get to give me a topic that will be worked into a future story. (“I want to see a story about shape-shifters!” or “I want to see a story about gods interacting with regular people!” or “I want to see a story about an alien who is sent to earth as punishment, hidden in a cat form that almost but doesn’t always pass, who has to maintain her cover but still seek out contact with her own people, and the antics that happen when her adopted family realizes something isn’t quite right . . .”) (please pick that one) PLUS you will receive the story in an e-book file of your choice once it’s completed.
A pledge of $75  will grant you all of the above, plus an autographed copy of my book The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales. You will also be acknowledged for your support in subsequent novels, during your patronage.