Poseidon of the Ponds

coverPoseidon of the Ponds is the second volume in the Poseidon Liturgical Year project — a glimpse into creating a living, personal ‘wheel of the year’ centered around Poseidon. This isn’t exactly a ‘how-to’ book, but more of a ‘this is what worked for me’ guide. I want to encourage people to explore, to not be afraid to create what they need, if the traditions they have access to fail to meet those needs. Your path does not need to follow a more traditional ‘Wheel of the Year’, nor are you stuck trying to make ancient holy days work in a world that has changed and moved on.

While this has been written as part of a series, all the volumes in the Poseidon Liturgical Year project are written to stand on their own, as well.

e-book available via Etsy and Amazon